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What is God Doing?

Throughout the ages, God has been doing one thing which is all to do with His great purpose. As we survey the move of God throughout church history with its apparent ebb and flow, it becomes clear that not even the powers of hell can deter God from preparing the bride and building the eternal city. We today in the twenty-first century are a continuation of that forward march and are not a separate entity from the church of previous centuries. Therefore by paying attention to what lies behind us as the people of God, we can be guarded from error and imbalance. Every successive move of God is like a mini Pentecost with the Spirit of God taking the initiative. Once that happens, it spreads like fire. However, within a generation man interferes by substituting his ideas, ways, and organization for the work of the Holy Spirit and once this departure occurs, the move dies. Nevertheless, what the Spirit of God produces in every move is never lost! Those materials-gold, precious stone and pearl-are deposited into eternity to produce the city of God, the bride of Christ. Therefore, we have every reason to be encouraged, for God Who has taken such care over His people and His work throughout the centuries, will complete what He has begun.

If any man would follow me
If any man come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me. Inherent within our very salvation, is a surrender to the authority of God. When He is Lord, we find that He will overcome in us. The question is not how to live the Christian life but how to die.

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  In the day of thy power
In this newly released book, Lance Lambert reviews Psalm 110. The Enthroned Lamb of God, the Messiah and His Coming are detailed in the seven verses of this Psalm as both Prophetic and Messianic.

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Intercession: the call to be watchmen
Lance Lambert challenges Christians to take their place as intercessors for Israel.

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  Islamic fundamentalism: is it a threat to world peace
The coming confrontation between Islamic fundamentalism and Israel is basically a spiritual conflict, as Lance Lambert explains in this booklet.

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Jacob i have loved
When God deals with us it is often in deeply mystifying ways. There is no greater example of how God shapes a person than through the remarkable story of Jacob.

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  Jerusalem the covenant city
Jerusalem, whose name means 'City of Peace', is unique among all the cities of the world. The ancient prophets of Israel accurately predicted major events in Jerusalem's history hundreds and even thousands of years before they happened. These predictions include many events which have been fulfilled in our generation, and there are still many more to be fulfilled

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