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This is Lance Lambert speaking and this is my Update for October 2013. The world scene continues to be grim. It is good to know the Lord in all that is happening. Flood and fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and terrorism claiming so many lives in different places. For instance Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya 67 dead, in Pakistan a whole assembly of Christians, 80 dead, 132 in one week dead in Pakistan, Nigeria 50 students shot when they were sleeping just to name a few of the incidents. A few weeks ago here in Israel we celebrated the new Jewish year of 5774. This is the year of the red moons….

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  • October 2013 Track 1 Introduction
  • October 2013 Tract 2 The Crux of the Matter
  • October 2013 Tract 3 The So-Called Arab Spring
  • October 2013 Tract 4 Syria
  • October 2013 Tract 5 Lybia
  • October 2013 Tract 6 Iran
  • October 2013 Tract 7 Sukkot

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