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This is Lance Lambert speaking, and this is my Middle East Update for May 2013. Since my January 2013 update, matters in the world at large, and in the Middle East in particular have continued to deteriorate. Israel has continued to be at the eye of the storm, nor should we be surprised at this state of affairs if we know our Bible. In fact, it would be more surprising if she was not. In this update I will speak about the incredible speed with which the once Christian nations are being paganized, the world situation, the Middle East situation, the Israeli election and its consequences, president Obama’s visit to Israel, and finally, what should we do that know the Lord. There are some Scriptures I will read, they are well known to many of you if not all of you, I will read from the prophesy of Zachariah chapter 12, and just the verses 2-6.

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  • June 2013 Tract 1 Introduction
  • June 2013 Tract 2 Paganization, World Situation
  • June 2013 Tract 3 Middle East Situation
  • June 2013 Tract 4 Israeli Elections
  • June 2013 Tract 5 Barack Obama's Visit
  • June 2013 Tract 6 What Should Believers Do

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